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Youth Engagement Service

We provide an unbeatable service directly to young people. But we can also provide your company or organisation with the support it needs to engage with Young People successfully.

Peer-Led Intervention







Join Urban Heard where you can be apart of the family and the funiture. Join in with one of our groups, led by young people just like you. Make a change in yourself and the community.

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"Urban Heard helped me with my communication skills, which has helped me with my career prospects."


The best bit about us is that it isn't us doing the work but the young people whom we train, support, guide and motivate who come up with the innovative and creative ideas.  Give us a call if we sound like an organisation you want to work with!


Young people have such a hard time through life with so many challenges and experiences being thrown at them. Here at Urban Heard, we don't want to stop or condemn behaviours but inform and mitigate risk so that all young people can live happy and healthy lives. We can offer design outreach, research and marketing which is all completely youth centred.



During each project we set a number of goals for the young people to meet. These goals usually consist of out reach events within the local community. Interacting with members of the community and other young people.