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Mute The Zoot

A project from last summer in partnership with Oxfordshire CC and Aquarius where we worked with young people to create a film to highlight the quick decline your life will take when you become addicted.

Say No 2 Nudes

This is a short film to show awareness of the effects talking to someone online has. It has been created by the young people who work on our projects.

Mr Myagi - Animated Music Video

Our young people wanted to express themselves through music, so we challenged them to create a single and a music video togo with it.

Video Resources

We feel it is important to allow young people to feel comfortable enough to engage with each other and express themselves freely without fear of judgement. We provide them with the tools and resources to do so, this is what happens when you allow young people to take full control on your youtube content? Nothing but creativity and positive peer-led experiences.

Key Policies that keeps Urban Heard & Young people safe

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