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active citizens.

Active Citizens is a community peer lead project to engage with the public and encourage ‘active citizenship’ in the North Solihull area through random acts of kindness which will run on 'Chelmsley Tuesday'.

An on and offline campaign to change negative attitudes towards Chelmsley Wood, and to promote community harmony and trust west midlands police.  

The young people will perform random selfless acts of kindness to either help or cheer up a random stranger, for no reason other than to make people happier within the local community such as;


  • Give a stranger in the street a note with a positive quote

  • Pick up litter in the community

  • Give Someone a hug

  • Smile at a stranger 

  • Help someone carry their shopping to their car

  • Help an elderly person cross the road

  • Compliment a parent on how good their child is being

  • Wish someone a good day at work

  • Write a nice message to brighten up someones day

Urban Heard are currently working with young people from Chelmsley Wood and surrounding areas on an active citizens project that will focus on the following points that the young people have highlighted what they disliked and thought ruined the area.

  • Litter

  • Behaviour –particularly boys

  • Restrictions to parks

  • Stereotypical Bad Boys who conform to stereotype.

  • Lack of activities

  • Bullying and lack of respect

  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Dangerous

  • Trust issues between people

  • Vandalism


The Active Citizens project will be focusing on changing opinions and attitudes of Chelmsley Wood and young people from the area. The attitudes we will look to change will be from the residents within the area but also we hope to show enough positive stories about the area that we have an influence on surrounding areas too. This is much more than a marketing project though as Urban Heard will be working with local young people through the power of positive peer-pressure to use their networks and to reach as many people as possible through online and offline campaigning.

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