We are excited to announce that we will be running a Summer Programme from 26th July to 27th August for any young people who currently attend a Secondary School in Solihull (11 - 16 years old).

Each day will have the same timetable: 

             Activities to choose from for Structured activities:​


voiced by youth.png

12:00 -1:00pm              Unstructured time: Have a light lunch and can do gaming, table tennis, play games or relax

 1:00 - 2:00pm              A choice between 2 structured sessions of the topics mentioned below

 2:00 - 3:00pm              Unstructured time -can continue with the sessions above if needed or time to relax and play games

 3:00 - 4:00pm              A choice between 2 structured activities (one being helping with the food preparation)

 4:00 - 5:30pm              Eat a hot meal and free time

 5:30 - 6:30pm              Structured activity 

 6:30 - 7:00pm              Unstructured free time

Making Music

  • Lyric Writing

  • Making Beats

  • Timing

Mixing and mastering

  • Putting lyrics & beats together

  • Sound effects

  • Timings

Stop motion film creation

  • Storyboarding

  • Creating Stop 

Animation for beginners

  • Drawing Characters

  • Linking Characters to voice

  • Background design

  • Creating animated film

Cooking / baking simple meals

  •  Making: Cupcakes & Biscuits

  • Cake Decorating

  • Preparing lunch -understanding menu's, following recipes, cutting & prep

Gaming tournaments

  • Hoping to have a PS5!

Film and cinema

  • Watching films

  • Making films: scripts, acting & editing


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We have limited availability due to keeping group sizes down due to Covid.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What measures are you putting in place to protect  against COVID?

Safety of all our staff and young people in our care is of the utmost importance to us.. We are following all the government guidance as well as the National Youth Agency guidance. This includes put is not limited to:

  • Increased hygiene for all: hand washing, sanitiser

  • Assigned bubbles as much as we can

  • Different entrance & exit

  • Social distancing when appropriate

  • Fully COVID risk assessed

Do they have to stay for the whole time?

We understand that some of the older children may not want to stay for the whole 7 hour session. As long as there is permission from the parent/guardian we will allow young people to leave when they want. However, unless permission is granted or under 14 years old, we will ensure that the young person stays in the centre until picked up by a designated adult.

Do you have to book?

It is easier for us to plan if we know how many people are expected but it is possible to turn up on the day. However, we only have room for up to 30 people so if we have reached this we may have to turn you away.

Can everyone get a free lunch & dinner?

Every child that walks through our door will be entitled to a free light lunch (Sandwich, fruit & crisps) and a cooked dinner which will be served at 4pm. Fruit and water will be available throughout the day for free. Young people are welcome to bring their own snacks or drinks bottles in too but these need to be labelled. 

How can you do this for free?

We are receiving some funding from the Holiday Activity Fund from Solihull MBC to cover any young person who is entitled to a free school meal. We want to over this opportunity to any young person though so decided that Urban Heard would use it's own money to fund the other places. 

What do they need to bring?

We will provide food and equipment for the activities so they just need to come in appropriate clothing. They are welcome to bring snacks & drinks bottle if they want to. We will also have a very cheap tuck shop if they want to buy any sweets, fizzy drinks or crisps. 

If you have any further questions then please email