Here at Urban Heard with specialise in Youth Engagement. Developing healthy and long lasting relationships with young people in which they can learn skills to assist them in their future endevours.



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Education By Youth

We deliver workshops in any youth setting such as school, youth club or organisation. These are interactive, insightful and inspirational. We consult young people to ensure they are relevant and effective.

Voiced By Youth

We are developing a platform for young peoples voices to be heard by their peers and the community. Our aim is to provide them with he tools in which they can create change within their communitites

Change By Youth

During these projects we recruit and train 5-10 young people over the course of 1 term. Delivering workshops on the above topics, creating marketing campaigns. We can also provide you with pre or post evaluations  of each session.

Beats By Youth

The beats by youth project is a 10 weeks project in which we encourage, support young people with a passion for music . Over the duration of the project young people gain knowledge of engineering, producing and song writing.

Final thought...

We love working with different partner organisations, charities, schools, colleges and councils. All our work can be made to bespoke outputs and outcomes, with everything documented and evaluated 


The best bit about us is that it isn't us doing the work but the young people whom we train, support, guide and motivate who come up with the innovative and creative ideas.


Give us a call if we sound like an organisation you want to work with! 

Solihull MBC

West Midlands Police

Office Police Crime Commissioner




Youth Investment Fund

Awards for All


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