Youth Engagement


The Youth Speak. We Listen. Together We Change!

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We educated 13,564 young people


How we make Our Impact

Urban Heard Youth Engagement Specialist is a community interest company on a mission to work with young people to build their self-efficacy through training and empowering projects, where they learn skills, get paid and build confidence.

In the past 5 years we have:

  • Employed 260 14 -17yr olds

  • Delivered workshops to 13,564 teenagers

  • Engaged with over 120,000 people through social media

  • Engaged with 11,428 people in the community through peer-led interventions.

Our Services

Peer-led Intervention

Using the power of positive peer pressure we develop young people to deliver behaviour change interventions

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Detached youth work or simple campaign promotion, we can provide engagement anywhere / anytime

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Young People Employed



Young People Educated



Specialist in using creative & engaging research techniques with all ages to gain a valuable insight into thoughts and attitudes of YP.

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At Urban Heard, we believe in the growth mindset, we give young people a voice and a platform to be heard.

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What Young People have to say

 The Urban Heard team out of many other youth organisations have been the most helpful to my personal growth. Talking to us about the mistakes they made and preventing us from making the same mistakes. They are people I feel I can trust, to support me when no one else will.


Young Person, 2018

Young Person 1

Working with Urban Heard was fun and not boring. The youth workers are not your usual boring youth workers they get us.

Young Person 2

I took part in Urban Heard's workshop which taught me loads of things i didn't already know about drugs and alcohol. 

Young Person 3

Kem and Hira are the Best youth workers i've ever met. So down to earth and easy to talk too when you have a problem.