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Our newest and quite possibly most exciting project to date: the naked truth! 

We want talk about sex but we want to talk about healthy sexual relationships that are full of mutual respect, trust and dare we! 

We don't completely condemn the watching of porn as it can be part of a healthy relationship however what we do not agree with is the age at which young people start watching, the ease it is accessed and the unhealthy portrayal of sex with some showing a range of sexist, racist and abusive scenarios. Urban Heard are going to strip back porn of all the lies and myths it tells young people and shout loudly about positive healthy relationships. 

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We are making some bold claims that we need to back up so conducted a consultation with 118 young people who lived in and around Solihull, West Midlands. Here are our findings....

Young people aged 10 years to 18 years old said:

  • 90% stated they watched it (40% often and 31% occasionally) with half the respondents being female this breaks the stereotype that it’s just a male habit.

  • 85% of the 90% who watched it, did deliberately but 5% stated they were forced to watch it by someone else.

  • 30% of those who watch it feels guilty.

  • 78% recognise it is possible to get addicted to porn, with 52% answering that they know someone who they consider watches too much porn.

  • 53% learn about sex from porn 

  • 65% explore their sexuality through it. 

• 41% makes them worry about their performance sexually 

• 22% porn scares them 

• 22% porn gives them pressure to perform sexually in a certain way. 

• 82% porn is linked to body image issues  • 80% said it is linked to risky sexual behaviours 

• 65% said it leads to perpetrators of sexual violence and a further 55% said it leads to victims of sexual violence 

• 30% link it to poor mental health.

N.B. 33% of these answers are from 10 to 15 year olds! Worried? We are!

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