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Media Projects.

On our projects young people are put to work, as we support them to create storyboards, write scripts, audition actors (always an option for them to act too), direct and produce every film we make. The result -a realistic storyline relevant to the young people who made it.


Commissioned by youth groups, charities or local authorities, we can work with any size group and all abilities to produce a profession film, whilst allowing the young people to gain vital skills such as film creation, creative thinking, team work and building confidence.  

We love tackling difficult subjects and will do everything in our power to ensure that we can bring to life their ideas. 

It's not only film as we will provide the opportunity for young people to create animation films and create professionally produced beats, raps or songs.

Check out some of our recent work below...

Film 1 

Drug Exploitation, Oxfordshire

A 4-week project and look at the great results. The young people starred in it themselves and even created a soundtrack at the end:

Film 2 

The Truth about Weed, Northhamptonshire

A 12-week project with young people apart of CAN's Ngage group in Northamptonshire. They chose the topic cannabis as so many young people don't realise the dangers of it.

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recording music.

We worked with Aquarius on a pilot called REAL as part of the NCS and one of the groups showed amazing skills with writing lyrics so we organised some professional studio time for them. Put the volume up high as some brilliant lyrics in this. We then put some clips of their event behind it so we could let the world hear it and see how great they are!  

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